Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Reflection by Emma

           China was a very fascinating and exciting trip. It was
very fun, but i'm happy to be home. My favorite thing that i did was
ride a segway around the Olympic stadium. Before i knew about the
chance to segway around the track i was really looking forward to
seeing the Bird's Nest. I wanted to see it because i really enjoyed
watching the Olympics in 2008, and i wanted to see it in person. Once
we got into the stadium i was really excited. Corey and I were walking
around the stadium when Corey's mom called us over. Once we got there
she said we could segway around the track. I had never rode a segway
before. Once i was on it i was having a lot of fun. The man watching
over the track said to me "You are number one!" I laughed. It was so
much fun.
           Some of my favorite sites we went to were the Great Wall
of China, the Forbidden City, and the Lama Temple. At the Lama temple
i liked seeing the different styles and sizes of the Buddha. It was
very interesting. The Great Wall was also very fun. The view from the
Wall was amazing and beautiful. Even though the previous events were
my favorite I enjoyed everything very much. If i could go back to
China, i would! But right now i need a little break! Thanks to
everyone who helped organize the trip, you did a great job!