Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Beijing Royal School 
by Emma, Sarina, and Sophia
Today we went to Beijing Royal School, or B.R.S., and saw the students and had class with them. When we got there, we went to the 10th grade math class and the teacher Mr. Jeremy played a little trick on us. He started to teach us how to find the length of one side of a triangle when all you know is two sides and the angle of the triangle. He planned out the answers before, and told his students. He asked them a very complicated question, and they figured it out in seconds. After, the students started to laugh and Mr. Jeremy told us the trick. Then, we joined the laughter.
After the joke Mr. Jeremy started to teach the really lesson. He started to teach about Polar Coordinates, and the difference between it and regular rectangular coordinates. The lesson continued for about 30 more minutes and then the students gave us really nice presents. They handed out chinese "trinkets" to all the students. Ariel received a students email address, and Sarina got a ancient chinese pen. The gifts were very nice, and we really appreciated them. 
Then we went to a chemistry class. We joined their experiment and we had a lot of fun. We exited the class and went to the conference room and mingled with the chinese students. We discussed school in China and the U.S., sports, and other chinese student hobbies. We then went to take a picture in front of the Confucius with the other chinese students. At the end we went to the field/courts and played basketball. Lawrence, Corey, Collin, and Jackson played basketball against four of the older chinese students. Unfortunately, we lost terribly due to lack of experience. Then we left the school.
We had a very good time at the school, and the students were very kind. We wish we could go back and spend more time with the students!