Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Global Kahoot - how AMAZING!

I am proud to announce that we are officially Kahoot Heroes! At the Florida Educational Technology Conference (FETC), a group of early-adopter educators spread the word to thousands about the powerful impact of this amazing and engaging teaching tool. From taking part in the record-breaking-world's largest-Kahoot (with over 1,000 players) to sharing its classroom potential in concurrent sessions, instructors happily learned new ways to incorporate this technology into the classroom and crossing all disciplines. 


Yesterday, while conducting a Professional Development learning session at a World Languages Department learning community event at Freedom High School in Tampa, I introduced the educators to Kahoot by playing a Kahoot... and they were instantly hooked! Of the tech tools discussed, Kahoot was definitely the audience favorite! It was rumored to me that one of the teachers would be creating a Kahoot that very night to play with her students the next day. Now, that's excitement!! Don't forget, if you are pressed for time, you can search for an already-made-Kahoot among the "public" Kahoots on their website, duplicate it, and then edit it to your taste and needs. User-friendly, simple, and fun are all great aspects of this tool to the educator!

Now, because global projects and collaboration are my passion, and I have been dreaming about doing this myself, here is an AWESOME post written by Heidi Samuelson (@swampfrogfirst) about combining Kahoot and Skype to create the ultimate classroom experience. Please let me know if you try it out yourself, and send me details and pics. I would love to share! 


Heidi, your students must think your class is AMAZING! Happy connecting!