Monday, July 28, 2014

Five weeks in America -- from a Spaniard's point of view

What have I learned staying in America????


SPAIN:Here in America the difference between Spain and America is that in USA, there's lots of cool stuff.


1; The drive-through, you can do lots of stuff much quicker with the drive-through.

2; The time, first of all, there are 6 hours of difference and in the EEUU, you Americans wake up at 8 or  9. We spanish people wake up at 11 or 12. Then you go to bed at 11 and we go to bed at 2am and that's the reason.                                                                                                                                                

3; The technology: you Americans are really advanced in tech, instead we Spanish have or use the stuff that you were using one year ago.

4; The food: the food that you eat every time is chicken. We Spanish, we eat lots of different kinds of food.

Favorite things:

--Adventure Island and theme parks, camps, and most of the people I met were really nice.

Why would I come back?

--Chick-Fil-A, things are cheaper, to see the friends I made, and Luciano & Giovanni

Why should Americans visit Spain?

--To stop being fat.  Not going thru drive thru, not being lazy, professional soccer, learn Spanish language, at the beach we can go out as far as we want bc there are no sharks, there are different terrains and buildings on top of hills.


(Pat is a 13-year-old boy who spent five weeks in Florida with an American family. Pat's parents and the parents in this American family are longtime friends who met about 20 years ago. They met because a girl from Italy decided to spend the summer in Florida with a host family. The mom in the 2014 American host family is one of the blog owners/writers/editors.) 
"I live in a small house but my window looks out to the world."