Wednesday, April 17, 2013

International Middle School Model UN Conference, New York City, 2013

From Thursday, April 11 through Saturday, April 13, Country Day World School students participated in the International Middle School Model UN Conference in New York City.  Similar to the high school and college level conferences held by the United Nations Association of the United States of America, middle school students were given the opportunity to assume the positions of UN delegates representing different committees and topics that are affecting our global community today.  By participating in simulations of committees such as the General Assembly, the IMO, UNICEF, and others, students were able to interact with 1,500 other middle school students from 14 different states and 12 different nations.  Following months of preparation and extensive research, the students demonstrated their knowledge and understanding during interactive committee sessions.  After delivering opening speeches, participating in moderated and un-moderated caucuses, and drafting resolutions, the students were able to form partnerships with like-minded individuals and celebrate in a closing ceremony unlike no other.  Students plan to return to continue conversations with new friends through collaborative technology mediums.