Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Week 2

My creation

For Week 2, at Country Day we had students locate our new friends' locations and find out several types of information:
1. temperature in F
2. weather
3. time
4. time zone

We were surprised to find that Hong Kong was the warmest of the four cities.  We were not shocked to see that Minnesota had the coldest temperatures.  Mrs. Metka gave a Montessori lesson on time zones using a flashlight to represent the sun and a globe to represent Earth.  This shows how one side of the Earth is bright from the Earth's light, but the other side is in darkness at night!
Untitled from Jennifer Williams on Vimeo.
We used www.tripline.net to create a fictional "trip" to see our new friends!  We wrote about the weather in each of our "stops!"